What is Anchor Text

The anchor text is the visible, clickable text used to another document on the web in an HTML hyperlink. The blue marked anchor is the most popular but you can change your website link styles and colors through your CSS or HTML.

It provides relevant information about the content of the link destination to search engines and users. Keyword-rich anchor text belongs to links containing target keywords within the link text.


Healthy diet linking to a page about healthy foods.

Code sample

<a href=”http://www.abc.com”>ABC Anchor Text</a>

Seven Types of Anchor Text

  1. URL or naked anchor text
    It is a URL or a simple link on a page that applies as an anchor.
    Example: http://www.abc.com
  1. Zero Anchor
    Generic or Zero anchor belongs to linked page text that are link labels like click here, read this, here.
  1. Full Match Anchor
  2. It represents the exact focus keywords a page wants to target. For example, for the ABC homepage, the correct anchor is ABC Software.
  1. Branded Anchor Text
    A brand name appears as branded Anchor Text with a keyword like AN handbags.
  1. Partial Match Anchor
    The phrase or partial match anchor makes up a long-tail version of keywords for a particular page
  1. Images
    When an image is linked, Google uses the text having in the image alt attribute as the anchor text.
  1. Cross Anchor Text
    Cross anchors show both non-branded and branded keyword that is meaningful to your website.

For example,
Complete beginners guide to Know About Anchor Text
For the above post, a Hybrid anchor text could be like,
What is anchor text?

What are the types of anchor text?

The Power of Anchor Text in SEO
A short anchor text helps to show the relevancy score of a particular page for a given section.
The anchor text is a very objective sign of relevancy to search engines. The most popular anchor text type was Page Title/Blog Post Title for a blog post and, it is a very natural way to refer to a resource.

How do anchor text in Word?
Click a word or Place your cursor in the text editor where you would like to insert the anchor.
Click Insert anchor in the Links section of the Insert ribbon tab freshbooks signup. It displays the Insert an anchor.
Click OK after assigning a name to the anchor.

5 Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization

Keep it short and natural
Keep anchors relevant to your topic
link in the relevant guest blog
Spread anchors in the proper proportions
Place anchors in your site where users pay the most attention.

How to Optimize Your Anchor Text?

Stay on topic with your anchor text.
Always produce variation and a diverse approach in your anchor.
Track your anchor texts on your site best solar panel.

Anchor text is a complex topic. Google wants to see a natural anchor text ratio in the hyperlink profile of your web. The extensive inrush of exact match anchors looks spammy in the eyes of search engines. To avoid this trouble, use a 20% phrase match, recommended.

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