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Competitor analysis website checker is the most crucial step to get more traffic on your site. Mastering the competitor analysis leads you to gain more organic traffic and boost up your sale.

When we talk about SEO, our focus is to drive the right audience on our website to get our site ranked on Google’s first page. However, are you looking for the best website checker tool?

For this purpose, digital marketers use a powerful tool called SEMrush to get succeeded in their business.

So today in this article, we’re going to share amazing features of SEMrush Tool with you and how the On Page SEO Checker option helps you get lead over competitors.

SEMrush Tool-Your SEO Website Checker Tool

SEMrush is the most reliable SEO analyzer tool for digital marketing, and considers as the best premium website checker tool.  In sense, we can have SEMrush all in one SEO tools which it offers to provide complete competitor analysis report and build strategies accordingly.

You can perform following tasks by using SEMrush tool.

  • Website Audit
  • Position tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • PPC Research
  • Content Optimization
  • Backlink Analysis
  • On Page SEO Checker

Get the best results with SEMrush on Page SEO Checker.

It’s essential for your business to analyze Google competition for better website’s performance. Why worry if you’ve got the right tool to get actionable recommendations.

SEMrush is best-known for website analysis to collect data based on an in-depth comparison of Google’s top results. SEMrush gets useful SEO tactics of competitors and helps you make strategies accordingly.

Tools for Any SEO Challenge

What features SEMrush on Page SEO checker offer?

You can get related words and phrases of competitors to enrich your content. Can get higher backlink traffic opportunities. It helps to evaluate competitors websites content’s length and compare.

Unique Features of SEMrush tool.

 The SEMrush tool has unique features which make it best on page SEO tool.

Competitor Analysis:

SEMrush tool is the best to analyze the SEO strength of your competitors. Information get from the SEMrush tool of competitors help you compete them in the right way.

SEMrush makes link building easier. It helps you to know the backlinks of your competitors. It makes it possible to access the data of your competitor’s backlinks. The information of backlinks taken from the SEMrush saves your time and it helps you to succeed in the SEO race.

Powerful Link building strategy:

SEMrush makes link building easier. It helps you to know the backlinks of your competitors. It makes it possible to access the data of your competitor’s backlinks. The information of backlinks taken from the SEMrush saves your time and it helps you to succeed in the SEO race.

Right Keyword Research:

SEMrush keyword tool not only helps you to find the right keywords, but it also helps you to know the ranking factor of your competitors. It enables you to know the features of the related keyword.

Website Audit for SEO analysis:

SEMrush provides you with the facility to get complete the SEO audit. It helps you to make improvements regarding SEO.

Social media marketing or traffic booster:

Choosing the right keyword on social media can give more organic traffic. SEMrush helps you to increase organic traffic on your social media page makes you able to compete with your competitors.

Research Report:

It’s easy to generate SEO report using SEMrush. You can find all the parameters to make a strategic plan.

Pay per click advertising:

Choosing right keyword in pay per click plan is essential because when you start a PPC campaign with a wrong keyword, it leads to waste both time and money. You can save your time and money by using SEMrush.

What more?

Find keywords of competitors.

You can find the best-fit keyword that helps you to rank on the first page of Google. To get the information of your competitor, click on the competitor tab. In the competitor section, you can check the position of competitor’ keyword in the google search.

You can see the graph of your website and your competitor’s website, which shows where you both rank in the google search. The graph helps you to know your right competitors. You can also check the domain overview of your website.

Common Keywords with competitors: This column shows common keywords with your competitors

I would recommend you check the first few columns.

Competition:  This section predicts your competition with your competitors.

Search engine keywords: This column shows the keywords that send traffic to your website.

Tools for Any SEO Challenge

Analysis of Competitors contents.

It helps you to analyze your content like how many keywords are needed in your content? It shows right keyword to pull traffic to your website from the search engine.

SEMrush powerful filters.

SEMrush have some advanced filters which help you to find the right keyword. I strongly recommend you to use those filters for website analysis.

It helps you to find the best and right keyword along with the number of searches.

These filters help you to find a specific keyword.

You can also find a keyword by excluding some specific keywords.

Site Audit at few clicks.

Are you looking for the best site audit finder? Why not using SEMrush? A site audit is all about finding and fixing the site issues. This is the most critical point which most of the web owners neglect to conduct. However, if you have done right, and fix site SEO related or even technical issues, you can always ensure better ranking.

With the help of SEMrush SEO checker tool, you can optimize your internal and external link;

Can add related tags where they’re missing;

Can identify broken images;

Detection of error pages is super-convenient;

And many more SEO problems that can affect your ranking!

Using this website checker tool, you can find the long tail keywords for your website.

Final Words:

So why wait for more? Get the SEO tool for your website today. You can choose SEMrush Guru Premium Plan to get the in-depth information about what your competitors are doing. We want to help you increase your web traffic with the right information related to SEO issues and by using the right tool.

You can choose the SEMrush Pro 7 days free trail  for the maximum benefits.

• Maximum Benefits
• Boost Ranking tools
• Live Data Guru Plan
• Daily Traffic Data
• Paid Search,Backlinks,keywords
• Traffic Cost, Organic Google Position
• $400 discount guru annual plan
• Charts tool is hard for beginners

We wish you good luck for your business!