Competitor Analysis – Discover Secret of Competitor Success


One way to get ahead in the competitor is to know what are the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. While working online, the target markets are vast and so do the products and facilities to be offered to the customers.

However, getting cognize of your competitors move to provide you with a significant edge to be unique and get ahead in the competition. In this article let us share with all our respectable and valuable readers the best competitor analysis tools.

Analyzing your competitor not only offers your insight into their business strategies but it also helps you to improve yours. With the new SEMrush competitor analysis tool now you can get the best available tool to ace up your game.

Competitor analysis tool kit:

SEMrush offers the most authentic and reliable toolkit for the effective and efficient analysis of the competitors’ sites and to gain valuable insights. Some of the ingredients you may find in the SEMrush tool kit are as follows

Traffic analytics:

If you are eager to know what is your competitor’s marketing strategy, then all you need is to use the traffic analytics tool. This tool offers the most authentic insights into your competitor site audience, traffic, the sources of lead generation and their overall regional presence. This tool also helps you to analyze from which source and region they are getting the most traffic and how.

Domain overview:

Want to know how your competitors are playing their online game? Or get insights regarding their online performance? The domain overview tool is what gives you the most authentic and valuable insights into your competitors’ marketing and advertisement strategies and business tactics.

The domain overview offers the user the highly convenient manner to keep an eye on the SEM strategies of the competitor sites and to develop their strategies accordingly.

Organic research:

SEO has been regarded as a profoundly useful tool to mark your online presence most efficiently. So it is always wise to keep a keen eye on your competitors SEO practices. The SEMrush offer the highly authentic tool for the organic research so that you come up with highly reliable competitor analysis results. With the extremely reliable organic research practices, you will be able to gain insight into your competitors SEO strategies.

Furthermore, with the organic research tool, you get the required assistance to analyze the domains that you have to compete to attain the top position in the Google search results. Not only this but with the help of this tool you get the required assistance to breakdown the keyword strategy of your competitors as well.

Keyword Gap:

As mentioned above, SEO and the keywords play the most crucial part of the overall online presence. With the help of right keywords, you can not only ensure your online presence but also increase your returns to many folds.

While competing for the same target market, you have to be careful regarding the keyword selection. With the SEMrush competitor analysis tools you have the opportunity to analyze your competitors’ keywords and to search for the one that you have overlooked in your search project.

Backlink analytics:

Competitor analysis can never be completed if you have overlooked their backlinking strategy. The backlinks are the most authentic source of generating traffic for the site, and thus it offers a great deal of convenience and assistance to know the referring domains and IPs.

You can also strengthen your link building strategy by analyzing and using your competitors lost links. With the backlink analytics tool, you have the power to conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s site.

Backlink Gap:

With the backlink gap tool, SEMrush offers the users an opportunity to get aware of all those links that are linked with your competitors’ site but with yours. This tools will provide you with the list of the domains and IPs that are linked with your competitor’s site so that you can craft your backlinking strategy accordingly.

Advertising research:

For the paid search your assistance is right here with SEMrush competitor analysis tools. The advertising research tool offers insight into your competitors bidding for the paid search and keywords.

Display Advertising:

An advertisement is an efficient tool for getting the most traffic on your site. So it is always prudent to keep a weapon in hand to analyze the banners and the advertising text that your competitors are using for their advertising campaigns. This tool offers the most convenient way to get the best ideas for your advertisements for both desktop and mobile users.

PLA research:

If you want to ace up your search game, then the PLA research tool is all that you need to know about your shopping competitors on Google. Analyze their strategies and keywords which helps them to get their products to appear in Google shopping results.

Brand Monitoring:

Brand maintenance is what makes businesses survive the online survival game. When you get all the valuable information regarding your competitor online reputation, it would be easy for you to establish your strategy. With the SEMrush brand monitoring tool, you get the chance to analyze the competitor sites referring campaigns, PR campaigns, and online credibility.

Topic research:

The topic that your competitors discuss at the online forum could be a great help to establish your topic and blog post strategy. With the Topic research tool, you have the facility to analyze the topic that has been covered by the competitors.

Post tracking:

The post tracking tool from SEMrush competitor analysis tools is what offers you great insights into the article game of your competitors. With the help of this tool, you can monitor your competitors’ articles on social media platforms, their backlinking strategy and also the performance of those articles on a periodic basis.

Social media tracker:

With the help of social media tracker tool, you can monitor all activities of your competitors across a variety of social media platforms.

With the help of SEMrush, you have the facility to get ahead in the competition by utilizing various tools. So buy the SEMrush 7 days Pro Plan Free Trail and keep an eye on your competitors to stay ahead always.

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So what you’re waiting for? Compare this tool with other ones and distinguish characteristics of each for your business needs.