Backlink Checker – Secret link building tool (2021 Update)

Best Backlink Checker Tool

Are you looking for the professional backlink checker tool? You have come to the right place. Backlinking is the backbone of many online services.

Almost all sites crave to get the maximum number of sites referring their website in the content.

If you are a site owner, then you must know how much it is essential for the sites to have the backlinks. However, have you ever thought of getting the maximum backlinking?

Well, every site dreams of having the maximum numbers, however, the quality of the backlink is of utmost significance. A backlink is the symbol of trustworthiness and the quality of the site.

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The more website points towards your website content, the more you get popular among the search engine search results.

The more you get the referring site pointing towards your site, the more fame you get amongst the search engines. However, this is not all we need from the best backlink checker. A backlink checker checks the quality and authenticity of the backlinks.

With the Link miner backlink checker tool, you have the facility to analyses which sites are using your website as a backlink.

In this review, we will discuss features that the new link miner backlink checker tool is offering to the users. So if you want to ace up your backlinking game, then keep on reading to know more about it.

Main Features:

The new Link miner website link checker comes with the exciting new features to give the users an ultimate peace of mind with its excellent checking skills. Some primary features of Link miner website link checker are as follows.

It not only determines the links, but also analyses the referring links in depth.

Offer you the freedom to categories the “follow” and “no follow” links to get the maximum number of healthy referring links associated with your website.

If offered valuable insight into the competitors backlink game and gives you the accurate information regarding all the referring links on the competitors’ site.

It provides the users with the geolocation of the links to analyses the region of maximum referring links.

It offers the users required data in a highly calculated and well-organised shape in the form of charts, pie diagrams, and bar charts.

Offer the users protection against the spamming and fraudulent websites.

It offers great access to many competitors backlink information and protects you from Google penalties.

Understanding the Authority of Referring Links:

Variety of search engines are constantly introducing the new tactics and an algorithm for the ranking of the sites. Although over the time the search engines approach regarding various ranking.

Criteria changes a lot, however, one thing remains the same-back linking estimates. The search engines use the power of backlinks to estimate the popularity of the certain site. The more is the backlinks; the more popular will be that site.

The backlink checker not only offers the users to determine the number of backlinks but it also estimates the quality of a backlink.

An external linking page with various links could be spam. So with the help of link miner backlink checker, you can identify whether a link is original or spam.

Intensive Backlink checker link analysis:

With the new link miner backlink checker tool, you can analyse all the incoming links to your website. You not only have the understanding of the authority of the referring domain, but also get the chance to know where that referring link is located.

You can also get access to all the site that are referring your site and the related web pages. This tool is also an excellent way for the comparison of inbound links of the competitors’ sites.

Discover the type of backlink:

When you attain the ability to understand as which link a no follow feature has, then you will be able to know whether your domain can gain weight. With the help of link miner website link checker, you can now identify between following and no follow links.

A follow and no follow link is a measurement tool that differentiates the links that have the traffic juice from those who have not.

It also offers you an insight into your competitors’ link traffic and let you cognise the source that web source that offers the maximum links and then can arrange some for your site as well.

You can also check for the all kind of image, frame, and form which are pointing towards your site by any mean. So with link miner website link checker, you can check for all kind of links.

Determine the location of your links:

If you are interested in knowing from where you are getting the maximum links, then link miner website link checker is the best tool to do so. It not only determines the healthy links but also allows you to check the location of the links as well.

With the help of link miner backlink checker, you can have an estimated view in the form of charts, pie diagrams, and bars to know which region is giving you the maximum number of links.

You can also check the IP addresses of the referring domains:

With the increasing dependence of website on the backlinking for the SEO and website ranking the importance of backlink checker is increasing with every passing day. If you want to get the latest and accurate knowledge regarding your backlink game.

Then all you need is this backlink checker. So grab your link miner website link checker and find the ultimate backlink checking tools with a variety of other features associated with it.


If you want to have a trustworthy tool in your hand to check the authenticity of the backlinks and the referring sites, then link miner Backlink checker is the best tools available in the market.

Get access to 9.5 trillion of backlinks with the link miner Backlink checker and make your SEO game up. You can choose the link miner Premium Annual Plan 50% Discountfor the maximum benefits.

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So what you’re waiting for? Compare this tool with other ones and distinguish characteristics of each for your business needs.